Model: N2
Conveying Capacity: 13-201/min
Conveying Pressure: 1max. 30bar
Conveying Distance: 2up to 40m
Drive: 4 kw, 50-340rpm, 400V, 50Hz
Hopper content: 501
Filling Height: 540 mm
Length: 1650mm
Weight: 500mm
Height: 1000mm
Total Weight: 165 Kg

Model: N1
Voltage: 230V
Motor Power: 1KW
Conveying Pressure: 20bar
Conveying Distance: 1-50m
Conveying Height: 3-15m
Connected Pipe: 50m
Gas Pump: 0.3Nm3/min
Nozzle Cabber: 3 4 5 6 mm
Hopper Capacitance: 25L

Model: N5
Conveying Capacity: 16-851/min
Conveying Pressure: 1max. 30bar
Conveying Distance: 2up to 50m
Drive: 2-Three Phase
Motors: 400V, 50Hz 230V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Star Wheel Motor: 0.75KW,25RPM
Pump Motor: 4.0kw, 400RPM
Compressor Capacity: 1.5 KW, 0.25nm 3min, max. 6bar
Water Pressure Required: 2, 5/ During Running of the Machine
Length: 1550mm
Weight: 650mm
Height: 1600mm
Filling Height: 880mm
CADDY/Control Module: 70 Kg
Motor + Mixing Tube: 65 Kg
Hopper Module: 100 Kg
Total Weight: 265 Kg